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Change to Enduro Blade range in 2019
During 2019 we will be making some changes to our Enduro Blade range, we have already added the new Enduro Grey range. Due to its success will be expanding the Grey range to include 115mm, 125mm, 180mm, 230mm, and 350mm blades. At the same time we will discontinue the 350mm, 230mm, 180mm and 125mm Enduro Red.
AGP Power Tools launch in 2019
To support our flooring and core drilling markets we are excited to announce our new distributorship of AGP power tools. We have launched a number of specialised power tools for specific applications. In early 2019 we will do a comprehensive launch and training with all of our dealers.
Add data sheets
Updated Website
Our web site www.diamondpc.co.za has over the past 3 months gone through a major update. We have added new product categories to make it easier and faster to find products and we have added many new products. We hope that you will find the site easy to use and helpful. Please give us your feedback.
New Flooring Catalogue
Our flooring market segment continues to grow as does the product range we offer. To support this growth we have complied a product catalogue exclusively for the floor grinding and polishing market. If you need catalogues click image above to download or contact Annie at annie@diamondpc.co.za

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