Tile,Brick or Table Saws

A Table Saw machine is a table mounted saw with an electric motor. It is ideal in projects where alot of cutting is required.  A table saw comes in varied sizes and different blade configurations. Unlike conventional woodcutting machines, you would use a diamond impregnated blade. Diamond blades are  for the use in cutting hard materials such as masonry, concrete, stone, marble and bricks.

Designed for strength, durability and performance. Reinforced box frame design adds strength necessary to reduce vibration while cutting. Minimizing vibrations enhances the performance of the diamond blade and extends the life of the saw. Ideal for cutting ceramics, porcelains, tiles, bricks and refractory bricks.
• Heavy duty sliding table ensures straight cuts
• Cutting head is adjustable with the foot peddle
• Water pump
• Adjustable head
• Adjustable wheels and handles for easy transportation on site

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