Totally Concrete Show
Visit our stand at the Totally Concrete Show 11-13 June. We will be displaying a very wide range of flooring tools and equipment. Come and be part of our new product launch.

New Floor Grinders, power tools and Hybrid concrete grinder pads.

New Blastrac BDC - 122 dust collector – Small But Powerful!

The Blastrac BDC-122M is a heavy duty dust collection system.

The BDC-122M is ideally suited for use with small shot blasting, grinding, polishing and scarifying machines.

The AGP SM7 Grinder

Grinder / Polisher.

An extremely powerful variable speed grinder / polisher.

Why should every polished concrete contractor own a gloss meter?

Polished Concrete Contractors need an objective, numerical way to measure the surface appearance that would allow them to specify a minimum distinctness of image (DOI) value to define aesthetics in a numerical way. “There’s no point in specifying something if it can’t be measured,”

Having the ability to produce a polished floor that can be tested and shown to represent a specific value will be a huge advance in the polished concrete business. Not only does it give specifiers something to pin their expectations on, it also protects the contractor when the owner says, “This isn’t what I wanted.”


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