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Granite, Tile & Refractory Saw Blades

Table Saw Cutting blades are known as  Diamond Saw Blades. It is a steel core/body with diamond segments laser welded on the edge of the body. Segments are made up of impregnated dispersed diamonds through a metal matrix. This is known as the bond. Diamond segments are manufactured differently depending on the material it is designed to cut.

Diamond blades are not only designed and manufactured in different bonds, they are also manufactured in different configurations such as segmented and continuous rim. Segmented blades are for fast and aggressive cutting of material while the Continuous rim blades are for chip free cutting of tiles. The different bonds and configurations are each designed to cut different materials and are differentiated by their brands :

Stonepro – Diamond Segmented Blades for Granite, Marble, Terrazzo and Gem Stone.

RB50 and LD20 blades for the cutting of Refractory Bricks

Music Slot blades for the cutting of Porcelain tiles

Continuous Rim blades for the cutting of ceramic tiles

Diamond Products design and manufacture specialised saw blades for granite, tile and refractory cutting.

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Diamond Blades

Saw Blades for Granite

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